Tasting Notes

New Wit & IPA from Parallel 49 Brewing
July 2012

The owners of the fabulous St. Augustine's craft beer haven on Commercial are taking their next step into the beer world with their very own lineup of beer.

Lots of excitement and anticipation on the lower mainland and we are very happy to have these beers on the Island.

The first release of beer available for retail has hit the shelves at Cascadia. Currently we have the Seedspitter Watermelon Wit and the Hoparazzi IPA, both in 6 packs.

Small Batch Bourbons
May 2012

Bourbon's popularity is on the rise, especially in the small batch sub category. Over 100 small batch bourbons are marketed to the discriminating bourbon drinker. With varying styles and price ranges, the category of small batch and standard bourbons is becoming a niche market.

Bourbon is typically drunk neat or on the rocks, but the popularity of bourbon and Coke never ceases. Other traditional cocktails with bourbon as the main ingredient include Mint Juleps (popular in the American South and nationwide during the Kentucky Derby) and the classic Old Fashioned (made with bitters, lemon and sugar).

"If you love whiskey, but haven't thought of bourbon as being in the same league as a good Scotch, Irish or even - these days - Rye, you owe it to yourself to give it another try. A well-made, well-aged bourbon offers a gorgeous spectrum of flavours; beginning with a distinctive sweetness that can, depending on the distiller's aim, turn spicy and peppery with a clear fruitiness or mellow into a creamy caramel toffee with hints of citrus."
— from the New York Times

Bourbon is hard to keep on the shelves right now. We recommend the Bulleit Bourbon as a well-made whiskey for a reasonable price, but we also have some hard to find premium bourbons. Ridgemont Reserve and Blanton's are two hot tickets at the moment.

Staff Picks

Jeff R
"Dark berry and smoky flavours with enough structure to make it interesting. A great go-to wine for holiday dinner parties."

Whistler Bear Paw Honey
"This delicious honey lager is infused perfectly with 100% BC honey for a smooth and refreshing taste. Whistler brewing has elevated my expectations for what a honey brown beer should be. Check out all the Whistler 750 ml bottles and 6 packs. You will not be disappointed."

O'Casey's Crème Brûlée
"In an odd but delicious twist, this classic French dessert has been transformed into a creamy liqueur with a sweet caramelized sugar flavor. Add it to coffee or tea for a delectable after dinner drink."

Well's Banana Bread Beer
"A mellow, fruity and rich beer with the great taste of banana bread. A great introduction to flavoured beers. All the comfort of home in a bottle. Mmmm, yummy!"

Russian Standard Vodka
"Great mid-price spirit. Smooth with no aftertaste. Great with your mix of choice or sipped on its own."

Rogue Chipotle Ale
"Smoked jalepeno peppers in this beer made me wonder if I’d need a beer to calm the heat, but I was pleasantly surprised by the heavy smoky flavour. I had it with Chili, but it would be great with pulled pork or BBQ ribs too."

Salt Spring Golden Ale
"A very smooth and easy to drink Ale from Salt Spring Island. It has a toasty and slightly nutty flavour with a very crisp finish."

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