The Art of Beer Tasting!

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We love a good beer tasting!

With so many breweries and styles to explore, it’s easy to jump head first down the rabbit hole in search of the perfect brew. Let us help you refine your palate and learn new tasting skills to help you in your quest to find your favourite beer!

The first thing to consider with any beer is the appearance - what colour is it? Is it hazy or clear? How foamy is the beer? All these things can give hints about what style to expect.

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And now for the best part, taste the beer! What flavours are in the glass? Are they similar to the aromas? Do they linger long after swallowing or dissipate quickly? Our beer experts have developed this handy ‘Beer Notes’ tasting book to help you track your tastings, so you never forget a beer!

Once you’ve got an idea of how to taste, let’s consider what kind of aromas and flavours should be found in each style? The craft beer world is ever-changing as brewers are innovating with new or hybrid styles and different flavours. These new creations are rooted in classic styles that will always be important:


Driftwood Fat Tug IPA

$14.99 - 6x355ml

Big on hop flavour and bitterness, you’ll notice different profiles depending on the hops used that range from floral or fruity to piney or resinous. Bitterness is balanced by pronounced maltiness. Can’t beat this classic!

Hoyne Pilsner

$5.79 - 650ml

This classic lager is light in colour, has a crisp finish, moderate hop-bitterness, and a very little malty character. Common flavours to look for include floral, grassiness, and light spice. Try out this local favourite!


Lighthouse Keeper’s Stout

$13.49 - 6x341ml

Old, roasted, smooth, and sweet, these dark and brooding beers are the perfect balance between coffee bitterness and chocolate sweetness. A long-time Victoria standard.

Download our Beer Tasting Notebook!