Wine In A Can For Your Next Adventure


Summertime is all about exploration, adventure, and trying something new. Whether you’re out camping, climbing, or canoeing, it’s time to get outdoors and be on the move. And we’ve got the perfect portable beverages to accompany you on all your summer adventures: wine in a can! Vino lovers rejoice – this new packaging means that your favourite red, white, or rosé just became exploration-friendly.

Light enough to throw a couple in your backpack, and easily recyclable to help protect our natural playground, canned wine is made for outdoor fun. Check out these fun options for your next adventure


Try this classic Spanish cocktail made from fruity Tempranillo, oranges, lemons, and a bit of cinnamon. A perfect pairing for pool parties and picnics. It even comes in an eco-friendly cardboard can!


Crisp, refreshing, and abundantly fruity with notes of lemon, peach, and melon. A fun and fruity crowd-pleaser that will bring some freshness to your lakeside lawn games.


The perfect size for when you just need a cheeky glass of bubbles! This peachy and red berry bubble is a yummy way to toast a day well spent in the sun.