Meet The Maker: 33 Brewing Experiment


33 Acres Brewing Company has been a staple of the craft beer scene since 2013 in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver. The folks behind 33 Acres have worked to establish themselves as a hub of community – not just a place to grab a growler, but a cornerstone of creativity and community connection.

In 2018, 33 Acres decided it was time to extend their reach. But the team didn’t feel that the traditional route to expansion fit with their philosophy. 33 Acres is about small batch, high quality beer and fostering community, so simply ramping up production wouldn’t allow them to continue on that path. When the space next door became available, they decided to open up a brand-new concept that would allow for the opportunity to be more creative, flexible, and experimental. 

And so, 33 Brewing Experiment was born in October 2018. This new space was created to be a playground that allows the team to push their limits with endless experimentation, brewed to expand on traditional methods fortifying the science of fermentation. 33 Brewing Experiment is a facility to try new things; a place to fail, a place to perfect, and a place to come together to let everyone inside to see how they create.