Jessie's Harvest Pairings

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October. I love this month. With its bright colours and cool fall air, this cozy season sends us on a quest for comforting food and drinks. Plus, there’s Thanksgiving - the perfect excuse to get family and friends together.

Take advantage of the harvested ingredients this season – I've paired three dishes featuring a bounty of fall flavours for you to enjoy at your next occasion.

Happy Thanksgiving on behalf of Cascadia!

Confit Lemon Brussels Sprouts + Fresh-hopped Beer

Brussels sprouts photo:  Truffles Catering

Brussels sprouts photo: Truffles Catering

With its bright and flavourful characteristics, brussels sprouts should be paired with a wine or beer that's crisp and dry, ideally leaving your mouth watering for the next bite. I recommend one of the many fresh-hopped beers that are released in the fall.

Try: Spinnakers Fresh Hopped ESB
A twist on the classic English style. Brewed with estate-grown hops from Spinnakers’ farm in the Sooke River Valley on Vancouver Island. Best enjoyed fresh! (Follow us on Instagram for the latest releases.)
$13.99, 4x473 ml

PS. Is your mouth watering yet? We have you covered - check out Truffles Catering’s brussels sprouts recipe!

Savoury Sweet Potato Pie + Medium-bodied, Fruit-forward Wines

Pie photo:  Tesco Real Food

Pie photo: Tesco Real Food

Savoury pie is becoming a holiday staple, replacing its sweeter version (or at least I think it should). Infused with complex flavours, this scrumptious pie is enriched with medium-bodied and fruit forward wines.

Try: Stag’s Hollow Simply Noir
A blend of Pinot Noir, Merlot and Gamay Noir. The perfect cherry on top.
$20.49, 750 ml

Pear & Mascarpone Crumble + DIY Dessert Cocktails

Crumble photo:  Bon Appetit

Crumble photo: Bon Appetit

No matter how full you are, there’s always room for dessert. This crumble is light and not too sweet. I've paired it with a gin-based chocolate and lemon cocktail to play off the subtle sweetness of the pear crumble giving you a hint of chocolate that’s a nice end to any meal.

Try: 20th Century Cocktail with Ampersand Gin
Fresh, lemony and chocolatey.  See recipe!
$37.99, 750 ml


By: Jessie Fowler, GM, Eagle CreekISG Level 2 / WSET Level 2