Patio Sippers

Meet the Maker: Stillhead Distillery


Cowichan Valley's newest craft distillery
Stillhead Distillery is founded by husband and wife team, Brennan and Erica Colebank, along with parents, Ron and Christal. Opening its doors in October 2017, this Cowichan Valley distillery crafts premium gin and vodka from locally grown grains and botanicals. 

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Meet: Brennan Colebank
After working many years in the tech industry, Brennan Colebank left to pursue his dream of starting a craft distillery in the Cowichan Valley.

Brennan’s true passion in distilling lies in creating new and exciting spirits from BC farm produce. His favourite projects involve aging spirits in wood, and experimenting with different barrels types and distilling techniques to produce fine spirits. When he’s not distilling, Brennan spends most of his free time on the river or ocean. 

Why we love them
Alongside their tasty products, Stillhead Distillery is committed to supporting local habitat restoration and donates to local environment focused charities.



Our Recommendations:

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Prime 23 Gin

A classic London dry style gin, with a BC botanical twist!

$37.99, 750 ml

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Prime 1 Vodka

A clean and smooth vodka perfect for any cocktail.

$22.49, 375 ml

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Wild Blackberry Vodka

Infused with local, wild Blackberries and no artificial colours or flavours.

$24.99, 375 ml


By: Ann Brydle, Quadra GM, Certified Sommelier & Sherry Specialist

Summer Adventures: Patio Sippers


By: Ann Brydle, Quadra GM, Certified Sommelier & Sherry Specialist

Does the summer sun have you running for your best friend's patio? Make sure to grab one of these bottles to quench your thirst and keep you cool.

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Roche Arôme

This wine is an aromatic explosion of honey suckle, tropical fruits and spring blossoms that finishes surprisingly dry. A perfect accompaniment to lounging on a sunny afternoon.

$21.49 (750ml)
Okanagan Valley, BC

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Les Auzines Alaina Rosé

No summer wine list is complete without a peachy-pink rosé, and this one is sure to please. A strawberry and raspberry nose gives way to juicy grapefruit acidity and a long lavender finish.

$23.49 (750ml)
Languedoc, France

casc blog_june_evel.png

Evel Vinho Branco

There's more than just Port in Portugal! The aromatic blend of flowers, orchard fruit and melons in this wine will complement any summer dish, from seafood to salad.

$18.49 (750ml)
Douro, Portugal