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Local Saisons


By: Jeremy Pott, Regional Operations Manager, Certified Cicerone®

With winter's gloomy grip on the weather loosening and the sun beginning to reign, we’re moving away from heavy and hearty brews.

Spring ushers in the time for Saisons. These beers were originally brewed in southern Belgium during the cooler months for consumption in the summer season.

Saisons are light enough to be thirst quenching with great character. Fruity and peppery on the nose with a mix of herbs, spice and earthiness on the palate.   Quench your thirst with these great examples of this wonderful warmer weather style. 

casc blog_may_Driftwood FarmHand Saison.png

Driftwood Brewing
Farm Hand Saison

Sturdy malt backbone with notes of bubblegum, banana and cloves.

$5.99 (650 ml)
Victoria, BC


Townsite Brewing

Crisp, mild sweetness and light coriander.

$7.49 (650 ml)
Powell River, BC

casc blog_may_Four Winds Saison.png

Four Winds Brewing

Nuanced notes of flower and spice.

$9.99 (4x341 ml)
Delta, BC

Celebrating BC Cider Week (April 28 - May 7)


By: Jessie Fowler, Eagle Creek GM, ISG Level 2 / WSET Level 1

BC Cider Week celebrates the art of local craft cider. Gaining popularity over the past few years, you can now find small boutique cider houses crafting with local products and ingredients at almost every corner of the province. With so with many styles available, there truly is a cider for every taste. 


The BX Press
Bandit Cherry Cider

Fermented from over a dozen varieties of apples. Organic BC cherries freshly added in before bottling. 

$7.99 (500 ml)
Vernon, BC


Sea Cider

Pineapple and confectionary notes. Incredibly food friendly.

$15.99 (750 ml)
Victoria, BC


Tod Creek Cider
Island Light

Light, crisp, crafted with apple kombucha. Only 3% alcohol.

$12.99 (4x355 ml)
Victoria, BC


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