The Art of Beer Tasting!

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We love a good beer tasting!

With so many breweries and styles to explore, it’s easy to jump head first down the rabbit hole in search of the perfect brew. Let us help you refine your palate and learn new tasting skills to help you in your quest to find your favourite beer!

The first thing to consider with any beer is the appearance - what colour is it? Is it hazy or clear? How foamy is the beer? All these things can give hints about what style to expect.

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And now for the best part, taste the beer! What flavours are in the glass? Are they similar to the aromas? Do they linger long after swallowing or dissipate quickly? Our beer experts have developed this handy ‘Beer Notes’ tasting book to help you track your tastings, so you never forget a beer!

Once you’ve got an idea of how to taste, let’s consider what kind of aromas and flavours should be found in each style? The craft beer world is ever-changing as brewers are innovating with new or hybrid styles and different flavours. These new creations are rooted in classic styles that will always be important:


Driftwood Fat Tug IPA

$14.99 - 6x355ml

Big on hop flavour and bitterness, you’ll notice different profiles depending on the hops used that range from floral or fruity to piney or resinous. Bitterness is balanced by pronounced maltiness. Can’t beat this classic!

Hoyne Pilsner

$5.79 - 650ml

This classic lager is light in colour, has a crisp finish, moderate hop-bitterness, and a very little malty character. Common flavours to look for include floral, grassiness, and light spice. Try out this local favourite!


Lighthouse Keeper’s Stout

$13.49 - 6x341ml

Old, roasted, smooth, and sweet, these dark and brooding beers are the perfect balance between coffee bitterness and chocolate sweetness. A long-time Victoria standard.

Download our Beer Tasting Notebook!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Ann’s Tips To Treat Your Sweetie

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We Cascadians know how important it is to get the perfect gift for your main squeeze on Valentine’s day. We also know that finding one is easier said than done. So, we’re here to help! Whether you’re trying to impress your crush, treat your sweetie, or celebrate your true one-and-only; we’ve got you covered!

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You’ve been eyeing this cutie for a while, harbouring your feelings in secret, but now’s the time to let cupid’s arrow fly and tell them how you feel. You want to spark some romance, so give them a bottle of Valley Cider Company’s Love Potion. There’s no mistaking what this bottle means, and there’s no way they’ll resist this magical cider that bursts with rose, lavender, and damiana flowers.

Valley Cider Company | Love Potion

$5.49 - 330ml

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This special person is about as sweet as they come, so get them something equally luscious. You can’t go wrong with Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato d’Asti, a sparkling dessert-in-a-bottle with fruity aromas of peach and apricot. Pair it with fruit tarts after a romantic meal to really wow your sweetheart and win their affection for a lifetime.

Michele Chiarlo Nivole | Moscato d’Asti

$26.99 - 750ml

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Artboard 3.png

Maybe all this gooey love stuff is overrated, and the only person worth impressing is yourself! You’re a strong, independent cookie and you don’t need all that wish-washy Hallmark stuff to know your worth. Go ahead and treat yourself to something as special as you. Try Russell Brewing’s Milk & Cookies Stout, packed with cookies and cream goodness.

Russel Brewing Co | Milk and Cookies

$17.99 - 4x473ml

Celebrating Whisky Month!


January is a problem to be solved. It’s cold. It’s wet. December’s party is done. Start the new year right, they say. Aim high. Too often, ‘they’ lead you to regrettable resolutions. I’ve found a better way. It’s called whisky. A glass of good bourbon is the perfect way to ease into the new year. It requires minimal sweat, the rewards are delicious and it pairs well with the season. The weather demands baking spices, caramel, toffee and dried fruit flavours.

Now, the problem is picking a good bottle.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Three words. Bottled in Bond.

It sounds like something you can trust, which is the point. Bonded spirits produced in the U.S. meet a set of quality standards and lets you know you are drinking a whisky you can trust. There are three requirements for a bonded spirit that matter most.

  1. A bonded whisky must be bottled in a single season, by a single distiller. In other words, it’s not blended from different years and distilleries. This makes the spirit a little more like a single malt or small batch product.

  2. It must be aged at least four years in a supervised warehouse. It may not sound like a lot, but four years is a long time for a whisky that isn’t premium priced. Canadian whisky, Scotch and Irish whiskey all have to be aged at least three years. American Straight whiskey is two years.

  3. Bonded whisky must be bottled at 100 proof, or 50% ABV. A higher alcohol content often translates to bolder flavour. This is especially good if you like a little ice in your bourbon, or if you are mixing cocktails. That extra proof gives you a little more backbone and your drink won’t become as diluted

A lot of bonded whiskies are mature brands and are less driven by hype and fashion. That means you can find great value and these whiskeys. Hunt down one of these bottles. Find a warm fire and a good friend. Open the bottle and ease into a happy new year


Old Grand-Dad Bottled In Bond

This is a classic ‘Bottled in Bond’ Bourbon. It is a high rye bourbon based on a recipe from Basil Hayden. Rich and sweet with great vanilla notes. It is a favourite for bourbon fans who love a great value.

$37.49 - 750 ml

Rittenhouse Rye Bottled In Bond

Rittenhouse is a must have American Rye. Maple syrup, baking spice and brown butter make this spicy rye a great way to wind down a midwinter evening.

$61.99 - 750 ml


Jim Beam Bonded

Take your Jim Beam up a level. This bottle offers a lot of flavour in a familiar package. Honey, wood and spice play off vanilla and floral notes. This is a great whiskey to spend a little time with.

$34.99 - 750 ml